• If you have not opened the broadcasts within 6 hours as of the time you purchased the publication, we can return it. (In this transaction, the taxes are deducted and the return is carried out.)
  • As of 6 hours after you have purchased the publication, we can refund the issue of not being able to issue a publication.
  • When you try to buy, you can refund the overdue payments if you make more than one (identical) payment for the same package.
  • Wrong package ordering due to IPTV receiving the CCCAM package (customer makes his / her own payment), do not return
  • No refunds in test packages.


  • Broadcasting more than 1 device at the same time,
  • Publication of publications with friends, co-friends, etc.
  • Abusive communication with online support personnel,
  • Communication in threats, inquiries, etc.
  • Match-day / hour test and I did not like to take money back to take cunning movements,

The members of the members who act in the above manner will be closed without a new question and will not be refunded even if they are new.